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Italian Form!

At Seacoast Sport Cycle we are a big fan of the Italian form, especially 2-wheeled vehicles, where form and function meet to provide the ultimate performance and visual appeal.  Cruising down the beach, winding through the mountains, a trip to the corner store, crossing the country or dragging your knees on the track – Aprilia, Ducati, Moto Guzzi and Vespa have got it figured out.

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The best kept secret in the industry.  How else would you describe the manufacturer which has won 294 MotoGP races, 38 Road Racing World Championships, 7 Superbike Titles and 7 Off Road Titles, but your neighbor has probably never heard of them before?  By the way, that’s more MotoGP wins than any other Western manufacturer!


The essence of Italian motorcycles.  When people think of Italian motorcycles they usually think of Ducati, and for good reason.  For 70-years Ducati has been producing some of the finest motorcycles in the world – racing those motorcycles and winning.  And just so you don’t think Ducati is only about racing, Ducati produced its first touring bikes almost 70-years ago.


With almost 90-years of motorcycle history, Moto Guzzi’s tradition and heritage is unrivaled.  The first production motorcycle to exceed 200kph, the 1972 Moto Guzzi V7 was a track beast, leaving the likes of Honda’s infamous CB750 Four in the dust.  But it’s not just about tradition and heritage – Moto Guzzi’s latest bikes are some of the very best cruisers, sport-tourers, classics and adventure bikes available today.  And they are still made in Italy.


70-years ago the first Vespa scooters were designed as none other and carry on that tradition today. With a monocoque frame, penned by Piaggio’s most talented aeronautical engineer, Vespa’s unique design provides unparalleled handling and strength packaged in Italian flare and style.  The technology and tradition of the ‘Wasp’ are carried on in today’s Vespa.  Twist and Go from Italy!

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