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Whether it is replacing those old worn out grips, changing the oil for next week’s trip, a full service on your D16RR, diagnosing that electrical gremlin or a complete motor and chassis build for your race bike – we have the tools, the knowledge and skills to get it done right for you.

With over 100-combined years of experience servicing European, Japanese and American motorcycles, three Certified Master Technicians, and regular update training from not only Aprilia, Ducati, Moto Guzzi and Vespa, but also Ohlins, Dynojet, we have the latest proven tips and techniques to keep your ride(s) performing their best.

Participating in the Aprilia, Ducati and Moto Guzzi auto-ship tool programs, guarantees we will have the most current factory tools to properly service your bike.  Additionally, we are one of the few shops to invest in a Dynojet 250i Dynamometer, Five-gas Analyzer and Ohlins Suspension Vacuum Oil Fill Machine among other specialty tools.

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Service Q & A

What bikes do you work on?

While we specialize in Aprilia, Ducati, Moto Guzzi and Vespa, we also work on all newer sport bikes.  Whether it is general maintenance, suspension work, dyno tuning or a full race build – we have the proper tools and the necessary knowledge and expertise to make it happen.

How do I get my bike to you? back to me?

We offer pickup and delivery for sales and service.  This is in our enclosed van (Sprinter) and costs a nominal $50 each way, if our collaborative schedule works for you.  Emergency or priority transportation is available for an extra charge.

Hey, you guys have not called me back yet!

When we are in the middle of the season, we are managing hundreds of motorcycles requiring thousands of parts. We are not ignoring you, we are doing our best with the inbound and outbound phone calls and email messages to coordinate – scheduling follow-ups, changes, confirmations and cancellations; service work approvals; parts requests; pickups and deliveries; and work completed information.  Everything goes into a queue and we will usually reach you by the end of the day.

Some of what we do...

Dyno Tuning

We use our Dynojet 250i dyno to perform basic horse power readings as well as dynamic testing and diagnosis of fuel and electrical system. We also tune jetting in carburetors & fuel injection systems like Power Commander, Bazzaz ZFi system, Rexxer, Nemesis & Microtech ECU’s, FIM among others.

Pickup & Delivery

We have a Sprinter Van on the road picking up and dropping off bikes all over New England, New Jersey and New York State. This is a ride share program so it only cost $50 but we need to be in your general area to do it for that low cost. Call us and get on the pick up list if you need help getting your bike into us.

Suspension Tuning

We service all types of suspension (forks & shock) from basic oil changes and seal replacement to re-valveing to installing new cartridges. We specialize in Ohlins but welcome any brand. We have a Suspension Vacuum Oil Filling Machine for TTX shocks and steering dampers.

Engine Building

We build motors of any type. From a stock rebuild to a superbike motor with under cut transmission, balanced & blueprinted with ported heads race valve job and aggressive cams. Let us know what your goal is and we can put together a build that will fill your need.

Warranty Work

We perform warranty repairs in accordance with warranty standards from the Manufacturers we carry. It does not matter where you bought your bike. We can also perform repairs covered by aftermarket extended warranty for any brand, European, Japanese or American.

D16 Service

We have all the tools and training to perform repairs on the first MotoGP inspired street bike to hit the market.

Refinishing & Restoration

Do you want to powder coat your wheels? Change the color of your bike but what it to look as good as factory? Have an old family heirloom that need new life breathed into it. Let us know what your working on we can help you.

Saturday 1st / 1st

We perform service while you wait on Saturdays. Its first come first service.  No appointments needed or taken. Get in line and we will get you back on the road as quickly as we can. We limit this to 3.5 hour jobs or less, sorry we cannot do your 15K service on a Saturday. During the riding season people do line up early!


We can do it all. Replace grips, install aftermarket directionals, tires, chain & sprockets to valve adjustments, fuel injection set up and carburetor work. We don’t only work on the brands we sell, feel free to bring in any brand we most likely have experience with them also.

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