Arai DT-X Full Face Helmet Pace Red Yellow Graphic Small
Arai DT-X Full Face Helmet Pace Red Yellow Graphic Small


Arai DT-X Full Face Helmet Pace Red Yellow Graphic Small

The Arai DT-X Helmet offers legendary Arai ride quality and race-bred protection to riders with an intermediate-oval-shaped head. The DT-X utilizes Arai's VAS face shield mechanism, enabling the side pod and pivot cover to be significantly reduced in size and positioned much lower on the shell. This advantage, along with the smooth shell exterior design, increases the helmet's capability to redirect energy from impact rather than having to absorb the full brunt of it all at once.

The Arai DT-X Motorcycle Helmet features an aerodynamically-designed chin curtain that helps to block noise and air intrusion from any turbulence below the lower lip of the helmet, while simultaneously increasing negative pressure to enhance the performance of exhaust ventilation. The interior lining includes Arai's signature 5mm peel away cheek and temple pads to allow fine tuning of fit, right out of the box. 

VAS Shield System:

Normally the shield mounting position must remain relatively high, because a lower shield pivot will not allow the shield to open or close. The VAS (Variable Axis System) has a variable axis (moving pivot point). This allows shield opening and closing even with the 24mm lower shield mount position, compared to Arai's previous generation of face shields. 

VAS Shield Latch System:

VAS shield latch system captures and holds the shield closed more securely to help prevent unexpected opening. In addition to a de-mist position, the larger latch design allows for an intuitive and seamless operation of the shield.

PB-SCLC Shell:

The Peripherally Belted - Super Complex Laminate Construction shell design combines multiple materials and techniques created internally by Arai that deliver both performance and affordability.

Eco Pure Liner:

The fully removable interior liner system is made from Eco Pure material, which helps maintain neutral acidity levels close to human skin and antibacterial consumption, as well as a softer liner material and adjustable temple padding to allow for a customized fit.

  • Dual function lever releases both the side pod and the face shield for quick and simple face shield removal
  • VAS (Variable Axis System) shield latch system captures and holds the face shield closed and provides a de-mist position to slightly crack the shield open
  • VAS MAX Vision face shield provides excellent visibility in all seasons with the addition of a Pinlock Lens Insert (Insert Lens sold separately)
  • 5mm peel away cheek pads and liner
  • New IC-5 top vent coupled with dual flow ventilation system performs in upright and tucked riding positions
  • PB -SCLC Shell has superb tensile strength due to a variety of carefully-positioned materials and light weight resin
  • Snell 2015 and DOT approved