REV'IT! Nassau H2O Glove


REV'IT! Nassau H2O Glove

The Nassau H20 gloves are that last necessity and finishing touch to complete your fashionable motorcycle outfit. These beautiful, basic gloves offer all features city riders need. A breathable and waterproof membrane keeps your hands dry and allows moisture to evaporate while the lining keeps your hands warm and adds a soft and comfortable element. And finally, the connect fingertip fabric allows you to operate your smart phone without ever taking these gloves off.

  • Ergonomic features: Regular cuff length, suede leather visor wiper, connect finger tip, elastic.
  • Adjustability: Adjustment strap.
  • Fit: City fit.
  • Protection: Temperfoam.
  • Outer shell: Suede leather, connect finger tip fabric, goatskin with WR finish.
  • Lining: Tri-fleece liner.
  • Waterproofing and breathability: Hydratex | Z-liner.