Ducati Cool Down Balaclava

Ducati Cool Down Balaclava

Light and breathable, the new Cool Down balaclava is great for hot weather and summer seasons. Made of Dryarn® and designed with highly breathable micro-mesh areas that regulate temperature and maintain dryness. The construction with ribbing on the nape and neck guarantees a comfortable fitting. The design is lengthened on the front, acting as a wind breaker on the neck and chest to protect against the wind. Breathability and comfort.

One Size Fits Most

Outside Low absorption Dryarn fabric (90%PA-5%PPL-5%EA)
Comfort Doesn't charge with static electricity Reinforced areas specifically designed for motorcycle use Elasticized fabric Micro-mesh inserted in the areas of heavy perspiration
Plus Crease-resistant fabric. No ironing Self-extinguishing No allergic reactions Does not absorb water, humidity or perspiration. Maintains the body’s natural temperature No pilling