REV'IT! Supersonic Race Undersuit
REV'IT! Supersonic Race Undersuit

REV'IT! Supersonic Race Undersuit

Moisture-managing base layer for professional and amateur racers

Taking track performance to another level: meet the Supersonic undersuit. It’s a 3D round-knitted one-piece base layer that is purpose-built to be worn under your race leathers. 

Thanks to the use of the unique, flexible, and ultra-lightweight DRYARN® fabric, climate control within your race leathers will be second to none. You will stay dry and comfortable, lap after lap, even in the hottest of track conditions.

Adding to its impressive resume of features, it’s also hypoallergenic, meaning it limits the multiplication of bacteria and reduces odor along the way


Outer shell material: Multi yarn polyamide, polyester, and Lycra® round knit

Visibility: No reflection

Adjustability: None

Pockets: None


Ankle loop

Dryarn® is used in this garment to assist in its moisture-wicking abilities; keeping the skin feeling fresh by quickly drawing sweat or wetness away from the body.

Easy entry to slide in and out of leathers
This garment allows the rider to easily slide in and out of leathers; preventing skin chafing or unnecessary sticking due to sweat or moisture build-up.

Fly opening
This garment has a fly opening, similar to those in men’s under garments.

This garment has been designed to wick moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable in ever-changing weather and climate conditions.

Opening at top back
The opening at the top back allows for easy ingress and egress when using this garment.

Round knit construction with Lycra®
The round-knit construction means that there are fewer seams used when creating this garment. Fewer seams mean increased comfort, support, and cooling in places where traditional seams could create unnecessary chafing or discomfort. By adding Lycra® to the round-knit construction, it allows for more flexibility and stretch, providing an ideal fit to the end user.

Thumb loop
The thumb loop found on this garment makes it easy to keep your top in place when pairing it with our jackets. Because of the thumb loop, it also properly stays in place also when putting gloves on.