Ducati Cool Down 2 Balaclava

Ducati Cool Down 2 Balaclava

Light and breathable, the new Cool Down balaclava by Drudi Performance is great for hot weather and summer seasons. Made of Dryarn® and designed with highly breathable micromesh areas that regulate temperature and maintain dryness. In addition to excellent thermal comfort and high breathability, the reinforced areas with a specific design for motorcycle use ensure an optimal fit, making this garment the perfect accessory to relish every bend, even in the hottest conditions.

One Size Fits Most

Low absorption Dryarn fabric (40% Polypropylene, 40% Polyamide and 20% Polyester)

Doesn't charge with static electricity
Elasticized fabric
Reinforced areas specifically designed for motorcycle use

Crease-resistant fabric. No ironing

Does not absorb water, humidity or perspiration. Maintains the body’s natural temperature