Ducati Sport C3 Gloves by SPIDI
Ducati Sport C3 Gloves by SPIDI

Ducati Sport C3 Gloves by SPIDI

The Sport C3 gloves, certified CE, are made in collaboration with Spidi. They are perfect for high-performance street riding during the hot seasons. Made of punched cattle hide 0.6 mm thick, the palm is Clarino® imitation leather with keramide reinforcements. The knuckle protections are in carbon fiber, while the metacarpal protector is a Warrior protection. The Sport C3 gloves are available in the colors white/red and black/black.

Outside Clarino® suede inserts along small finger line (0.7 mm thick)Cowhide (thickness 0,6-0,8 mm)Clarino® leather palm reinforcement with polyurethane coating to improve grip (0.7 mm thick)
Inside Interior Polyester mesh to dispel sweat
Plus Wrist strap


Ducati Gloves Sport C3 Gloves Protection


Carbon knuckle protectors
Shock Adsorber on back,knuckles, fingers, palm and thumb
Warrior soft palm guard

CE-marked product certified under Directive 89/686/EEC, standard EN 13594, Lev. 1