REV'IT! Atlantic Socks

REV'IT! Atlantic Socks

Cold-weather riding socks for touring and adventure riding

It’s essential to keep your feet warm and comfortable for an enjoyable ride in lower temperatures. The Atlantic socks are designed with a 3D round knit construction and feature a base of super soft PrimaLoft® yarns for a high level of comfort and insulation during rides in the autumn or winter.

Cushioned area at ankle

Cushioned area at foot

Cushioned area at foot sole

This product has a cushioned area at the sole, providing both comfort and protection.

Cushioned area at heel

Cushioned area at shin

Cushioned area at toes


This garment has been designed to wick moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable in ever-changing weather and climate conditions.

Round knit construction with Lycra®

The roundknit construction means that there are fewer seams used when creating this garment. Fewer seams mean increased comfort, support, and cooling in places where traditional seams could create unnecessary chafing or discomfort. By adding Lycra® to the roundknit construction, it allows for more flexibility and stretch, providing an ideal fit to the end user.